Label Conscious

How to use the app

Start with the label

Look for the Label Conscious label in stores and use the Awareness Index number to help you find clothing that reflects your values.

Continue with the app

You've got the clothing, now use the app to
input the Awareness Index number from the label
into your closet. Connect with friends and
follow the their progress too.

The badge system

Three levels to complete

Each level is a cumulative 100 points.

Pick a category

After entering 100 points into your closet, choose
a label category that’s most important to you.

Choose different levels

Mix and match categories to reflect your values

Complete your journey

Complete your journey and share with friends.

Key app screens

Add to your closet

Add items and proudly display their labels.
Search for clothing

Find items with similar Awareness ratings.
View friend's closets

Check out your friend's latest entries.