Label Conscious

How the label works

Find the Label Conscious label on new clothing. Look for the Awareness Index on
the front of the label. Open the label to see how the Index number was devised.

Inside the label

The label employs a simple formula, a yes or no question. Were these
production conditions present or absent when the clothing was made?

Is there transparency in supplychain reporting and monitoring of subcontracted manufacturing and suppliers?
Does the company participate in any corporate responsibility certification program?
Is at least half
of the materials
used derived from recyclable resources?
Is at least half of the power sourced from renewable resources?
Was at least half of
the water used during production sourced
from reclaimed
water supplies?

Are all employees paid
a regionally accurate living wage that can support them and
their dependants?
Is overtime paid
on a daily and
weekly basis?
Are unions or other forms of labor organizations allowed
or recognized?
Were fair prices paid to materials producers in developing countries?
Is there any form
of support for
retirement programs?

Is the workweek
capped at 40 hours
and all overtime
is voluntary?
Is there any form of
3rd party workplace safety monitoring?
Are any sick days
paid at a full wage?
Is any form of
healthcare subsidized
or provided for?
Is there a maternity policy for men
and/or women?

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